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To celebrate to holiday season, we give you some steps on how you can make great use of pre-existing content assets.  Don't create everything from scratch!  Some of what you already have can be "re-gifted" very effectively to your audience.

For Christmas one year, my uncle gave my grandmother (his mother) a model car as a gift—and then promptly asked if he could build it for her. My uncle (who is a great guy) has had to live with the burden of this childhood decision for generations. By “live with it” I mean relentless good-natured ribbing at every family gathering, even by generations that weren’t alive when the actual even occurred.  It has gone down in family lore as the crowning achievement in thoughtless and self-serving gift giving.


We all have a re-gifting story, either giving or receiving. And its okay. We’re human. We’re busy. We forget, and sometimes we’re caught in situations that force us to get creative. And some re-gifts are, well, just thoughtless and lazy. But we have all either received one (perhaps unknowingly!) or fallen into a trap of giving one.


Less content, more engagement


8-Point Arc was founded on a few basic beliefs:


1.     There is too much <bad> content flooding the market.  

2.     Content marketers have to get smarter about what, when and how they publish.

3.     Content marketers can drive more engagement while publishing less, better content.


One way to achieve more engagement by publishing less content is to make good use of the assets you already have on hand. Republishing content is a very effective way to do this. And the good news is re-gifting in the world of content marketing is okay! You just have to know how to do it.


1.    Assess what you have


The average brand has over 2,000 pieces of content (source: 8-Point Arc has processed nearly 1,000 brands and 2.5M pieces of content). Any given prospect in your buying process consumes a fraction of that content universe when evaluating your brand. Discounting your most trafficked and long-tail pieces, it’s highly likely you have a ton of high value content that is sitting idle.  Perform an audit on your content, what should you keep? What should you refresh? What should you retire?


Check out some tips on performing a content audit.


SELLING ALERT:  8-Point Arc can process and assess all of your content in 48 hours.


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.54.42 AM.png

2.    Figure out what’s relevant


Not all of the idle content is necessarily useful, and a lot of it should probably should be retired, but that’s a different post. You need to comb through the thousands of pieces of content and figure out the content that can be re-purposed. Multiple variables have to be evaluated to determine relevancy, including topic, market chatter, intended audience, state of current offering, persona, etc.


SELLING ALERT: 8-Point Arc can evaluate topic, influencer chatter and content attributes in a matter of minutes.


3.    Attach to relevant discussion when you “re-promote”


It’s most effective to hitch your republish wagon to a run-away conversation.  Evaluate topics being discussed by influential people in your industry and use your republished piece of content as your Trojan horse into the conversation. We have driven multifold (quadruple and quintuple) engagement by using this methodology.


SELLING ALERT: 8-Point Arc can track active topic conversations and match relevant content to republish with zero effort on your part.


I often tout that every piece of content is an invitation for an audience to enter the world of a brand. That invitation should also, in some ways, be a gift. Gifts by definition have value, just as content should. Content, for the most part, should educate, entertain, or both. It takes a MASSIVE amount of work and time to achieve a truly valuable piece of content. Get the most out of those efforts with some socially acceptable re-gifting. :)

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