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Here are some infographic tips and our attempt to use every infographic cliche we could muster.  It makes for the ultimate useless infographic.

If you have been reading our posts, you probably already get the theme. We see a ton of content.  Like, more content than there are Kardashian social posts. Okay, well almost that much. No comment on how I know the Kardashian family's social activity.


We also see all different types of content: product pages, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, one pagers, white papers, social feeds and so on.  One content format we see a fair bit of is the ever-popular infographic. And, like every other content type, we see good infographics and we see, well, some sub-optimal infographics.


Here are 3 things you should include in your next infographic:


1.     The Pay-off.  In college, one of my buddies and I had a long-standing game.  We would break silence with a phrase that would, under any other circumstance, be an opener to a story. These phrases would be things like, “You know, I was reading in the New York Times the other day…” or “There were 5 people in line at the store yesterday…” Then we would stop and wait.  You won the game if you got the other guy to forget about the existence of said game and respond “AND?!?!?” You would be surprised, by the way, how often we would succeed in doing this.


Long story short, fun game for a couple of drunk idiots in college—not a great approach for your infographic. Don’t load your infographic with 17 well-researched data points, only to leave your audience to figure out what it all means. Data without insight and instruction is a report.


2.     Substance and Style. There is so much effort that goes into the creation of an infographic; you ought to make it count. Sometimes it appears as if the effort was over-allocated in form but lacks in function or purpose. Because of the investment, it’s important to be clear on the point of your infographic and how it will drive overall engagement. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing.


And whatever you do, don’t waste resources to create things like a joke infographic just because you think its funny…like we did…below.


3.     Fun. Let’s get serious about fun—it’s okay to have a little of it! In our infographic below, we wanted a humorous way to demonstrate that we see a lot of the same techniques used, in this case in infographics. Hopefully it is interesting, provides a little smile in an otherwise stressful day, and affirms the fact that 8-Point Arc has a unique POV due to our content engine. As they say educate and/or entertain.  We went for entertain for this post, at least we hope so.


Brian Dames


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