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Most marketers cringe at the state of their own organization's marketing.  Most marketers also want to fix it but don't know where to start. You have to start with understanding what you have.

Marketing in general, for lack of a better word, sucks.


Over the course of the past week I had the pleasure of speaking to many people in senior sales and marketing roles at the Sirius Decisions summit in Las Vegas.  There were lots of great conversations but there was a couple common themes that jumped out at me: most companies felt their assets are a mess and that their marketing isn’t good for what they are trying to do.


This is a theme.  You are not alone.


Many marketers are in the same boat


Every time you hear that someone was looking for something on your website, you cringe a little bit. 


Your best sales people are the ones that have narrowed the universe of content down and squirreled key documents away on their laptops. 


You are looking at Sales Enablement Platforms, Digital Asset Management Platforms, considering a big web site redesign project, and also really would love to see a big branding push to standardize and deepen the brand definition.  Daunting.  Intimidating.


You can't throw it all away, so you need to figure out what you have


Perhaps it is better to just declare content bankruptcy – scrap it all and begin to build anew.  But the expense!  But the time!  The politics! Who wants to take credit for trashing all those past investments – particularly when you know there is some good stuff out there, just hard to find it.


The frameworks from Sirius Decisions are fantastic for process – but we still have these daunting tasks around brand and content to tackle.


The only solution I see is a content audit – but those have been so time consuming and expensive as well.  Going through document after document to try to say if its still good or not.  Trying to map it to the customer lifecycle.   Good to use?  Good with modifications? On brand?  


Technology (yes, like 8-Point Arc) using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing is finally emerging to help with this challenge.  Technology can solve for pulling in all the content from multiple sources, dynamically extracting meta data, evaluating that content for placement in customer lifecycle, product identification, and depth of content.    Getting you to a point where you can quickly and easily identify what’s good, what’s bad, what needs updating, and where your gaps are, so you can start to fix it.


You are not alone.  Its not easy, but technology is finally ready to help you navigate, identify and remediate, which will accelerate your results.



Rob Fuller


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