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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are incredibly complex technologies.  It's important to understand that more complexity under the covers means more simplicity for you.

IBM Watson is perhaps the best-known implementation of AI in the world.  What started as an innovation project has grown into the most pervasive example of the value AI can bring to the average person.

 Disclaimer: This robot does not work at 8-Point Arc

Disclaimer: This robot does not work at 8-Point Arc


Our own 8-Point Arc engine leverages aspects of Watson. While it only contributes to a fraction of the functions our engine performs, we leverage pre-existing aspects of IBM’s and Google’s machine learning and AI offerings.  “Stand on the shoulders of giants,” as they say.  Don’t know who “they” are, but pretty sure they say that.


AI is the new tech concept du jour the media loves to cover. We see it in our own published content—mention AI and our earned attention goes up. What we have learned, though, is that not everyone is equally enthusiastic about artificial intelligence. There seem to be different camps when it comes to perception of AI:


  • Passive resistors
  • Embracers
  • “Doesn’t Apply to Me”  


The passive resistors


Favorite angles of a lot of media coverage are the fear-based, long-term effects of AI on our society. Will learning programs evolve to the point of being able to revolt against their creators and take over? Will AI take over job roles soon? Will we need a basic level income due to the tasks AI will soon take over?



Some people react to this by ignoring or resisting the evolution taking place. And to that, I quote The Borg from Star Trek, “Resistance is futile” (I had no idea where that quote came from, I had to look it up.). The Borg were apparently a collective, technological species that plundered knowledge from other species, which makes that quote all the more disturbing.


My point is this: no one is going to stop the rate of technological evolution.  One of my favorite books, Non-Zero, in part discusses the idea that mankind is charted on a collective destiny that cannot be altered. We, as a species, are collectively going to do what we, as a mass community, are programmed to do. So, best you figure out how you fit into the world as it evolves than to ignore the evolution itself.


The embracers


The embracers are opposite of the resistors. They consume information on AI because they are fascinated by the possibilities. They are early adopters of technology and love the idea of making their lives better. These people don’t refute the risks associated with AI, but they understand that it is evolving and present whether we like it or not. These people will be ahead of the curve and have an advantage as AI sophistication evolves.


The “doesn’t apply to me” group


The group that is most interesting to me is the group that understands the power of AI but assumes that AI is too sophisticated or complex to be applicable for them. I see this group as different than the passive resistors in that I believe the “passive resistors” are rooted in fear or obstinacy.


My experience has been some of the “doesn’t apply to me” group confuses the design complexity of AI, with the simplicity of the use of AI. Much of the coverage of AI in the media describes the complex learning built into the design. As a result, it seems many people fail to connect that the underlying complexity of AI actually enables much more simple applications for them, at least in a B2B context.


These technologies potentially offer the opportunity to make your job easier, or at least enable you to focus on things that matter.  For example, with 8-Point Arc, the heavy lifting on what to include in your content is done for you.  So instead of combing over data and past posts to feed the creative process, you can let a machine do the work leaving you to spend more time on the creative and strategic aspects of your work.  You work on the things you like and get better results in the end.


If you’re a passive resistor, you probably won’t want to talk to 8-Point Arc.  If you’re an embracer, you will. If you’re in the “doesn’t apply to me” group, AI does apply to you, and it can make you better at what you do. It makes things easier—not harder—and applies to you NO MATTER how sophisticated you are today.


Don’t believe me? Give us a call, we’ll show you.

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