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Do you feel like you're traveling at 100 mph and the wheels are about to pop off? You're not alone. This simple plan and a little hard work can help you get it all under control.

I saw a great comment on LinkedIn today, which asserted that one of the problems in achieving a great customer experience, is that the wheels are coming off in marketing. 


Assertion. Wasn't asking, it was a statement, positioned as if everyone knew that already. 


It resonated with me as we've been seeing flavors of the “wheels coming off” frequently—companies looking for partners to deliver large swaths of marketing, not wanting to take anything more on as they are overwhelmed, not knowing what to measure or how to be measured, watching the content and publishing explosion and jumping on the mindless content publishing treadmill just to keep up.


Do you feel caught in an endless loop?


Is your organization struggling with keeping the marketing lights on? Is digital paid media the only thing paying off? Does your organization engage in new channels and in new ways with customers or just talk about it?


Marketing has been swarmed in the last 15 years or so between digital, the explosion of mobile, and exponential growth of social. It's easy to see how teams might be overwhelmed with tools, platforms, techniques. Most brands have looked to marketing to produce more than ever before as the business faces competitive pressure brought on by these same tools, platforms and techniques. 


Its time for a marketing intervention


So if this is you, I'm sorry to say it, but—you need help. An intervention. The intervention doesn’t have to be complex. Just a plan to bring back your basics (brand purpose, brand/product messaging pillars, and customer journey map). Then get to work optimizing a few things—my guess (and this should work for almost everyone) is blog, website, Twitter and Facebook. 


If I took on the task, this would be my playbook:


  • Determine how much revenue marketing is driving. How will I measure revenue? How much am I currently driving? Is the revenue I'm driving tied to the highest value for the company? Where do we need to change first?
  • Inventory brand assets, do a quick brand workshop to get alignment, and tighten definition on brand purpose and brand positioning.
  • Workshop with sales and customer service or account management on customer journey map (I'd hire 8-Point Arc for this).
  • Inventory my existing content, align to the customer journey, align to my understanding of what is driving revenue.
  • Use the inventory of content to drop underperforming content; put the top performing but old content into queue for a light refresh. 
  • Use the top performing content for social posts along with our identified revenue opportunity to plan out posts. 


Okay, that was a bunch of work. But now I have breathing room. I have a bunch of content planned out, I've decluttered the user experience a bit, and I'm filling in my weak areas. All this and I didn't drop a bundle on new tools, data, training or agencies (just 8-Point Arc, of course—but that will pay for itself on the cost savings). 


Small wins earn you the right to more chances


I'm much more sophisticated than I was, and now I can get strategic. I can begin assessing competitive positions and refine my position to be differentiated. I'll dig into my media plan and see what I can move out of driving existing activity to my new revenue goals. I can get a bit creative and look at layering in some new channels or formats—but the key is I know exactly what I want them to achieve on the customer journey. I'm watching my revenue goal, and it should already be improving. Once it has, I can look at more drastic changes of tools or staff or agency work. I'll have my business case ready before I know what I want to do first—because I have credibility.


If you’re feeling like your marketing wheels are off, it’s time to refocus. Get back to the basics. And drive forward with a renewed sense and proof of purpose.  And call us...we can help.



Rob Fuller


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